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I just recently started this blog so that I can give myself and others a new sense of hope and revitalization. The past year has been very difficult for myself and most teachers in the education field. It has been a big learning experience of its own. However, I have not tried to burden others by the things that I have been going through. Instead, I’ve realized that keeping a journal of reflections, ideas, and what have yous will be helpful — hence, this is it!!!

After much anticipation, I went in to see my grad school counselor today and she told me I will be done with my teaching credentials this year.  (Finally! and I also have a good GPA of 3.93 to back that up)… Now i’m waiting for a professor to write me a letter (in the next month..patience again…) so I can send it to the school districts and get an internship job for fall… *crosses fingers* I really hope everything works out…

Yesterday, I realized who was real at my work.. I’m definitely going to elaborate on that later…as I don’t wanna think about it right now.. I also had dinner w/ a friend and went to a bowling league to support my plus one and the team. It was fun 🙂

As for the class I’m taking right now–everything has been good. I have been workin hard on my presentations and all the homework assignments. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out the way I wanted to with observation hours–because the school that I thought I would be able to observe has not been responsive to me. Also, the other teacher that I have been observing snice last year has just recently gone on maternity leave because she had her baby on Friday!

Thus, with the blessing of god, a local middle school was extremely responsive to me and gave me the opportunityobserve tomorrow… Wish me luck…as I have to do 15 more hours, and a presentation/5hours of class tomorrow night too!!




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